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  1. french, eh? Trahison Aux Etats Unis get it coz it's the death penalty
  2. dude, And She Found Herself Back In The Middle is insanely good !!!
  3. I've also heard there there on csi ny. was pretty cool
  4. *RINGS* : So Phil, some jerks on mt think that reading jokes about us is a waste of time. : What? *BEEEEEEEEEEEP*
  5. fadedout


    if you GO I will SURELY DIE
  6. fadedout


    WHORES at the DOO-OAR
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  9. yeah it's definetly one of their best songs ever, I dunno what you're talking about
  10. not really my thing at all, and the guy's voice is just annoying. seems like it'd be really cool to hear live though. recorded, the drums and vocals and everything seemed a little out of place
  11. audacity+rock band mic as cheap as it gets.
  12. no shit? I'll have to listen to it when it's done as well what do you record with?
  13. that was pretty cool! I dunno the whole acoustic guitar/voice thing is done so much that I kinda just clumped this in with a lot of other stuff.... meaning it didn't really stick out to me. but it is what it is, and it is enjoyable
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