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  1. agreed with kafka. tons of good tunes on here. the botb was my favorite time i had on here.
  2. i hope more people get this
  3. they played some of my stuff on Zradio. http://www.myspace.com/zradio we are the 6th song i believe. Just go to the blog and it should be zradio show 287
  4. Opening for the RZA at the keyclub in hollyweird
  5. I believe this is a milestone in MT history.
  6. No, McG bringing crispin glover in for Charlie's Angels = Genius.
  7. I've been through that shit multiple times when i was in my hip hop group as well, for some reason it's always the hip hop promoters that fuck you over. I've never had any problems with any other type of promoters. No extra mics, weak PA system, no bother for soundcheck. shit is just weak.
  8. FOODCUNT it's a play on words.
  9. The Terrible Legend of Jack Pa Plain and The Sounds He Creates.
  10. That really sucks, has anyone else talk to me since then?
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