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  1. Not convinced that isn't ad hoc but they should participate anyway
  2. ocean

    Total Troll

    After Zach left YA it took a total troll to whip something out of it
  3. Funny everyone's like Sam Smith who and he's just like I can't hear you over all my Grammys
  4. As someone who hasn't paid much attention to afp, that cover is so goddamn great! And also the rh one sj posted is so great and so lol cuz thom seems quite tipsy and Jonny is amazing but you never see his face cuz hes fitting his hands on the guitar into the frame and Ed just looks kinda boring while Phil isn't that fun to watch bc his part is more repetitive yet he seems pretty into it Both of these make me miss non-ponytail thom tho lol
  5. ocean

    Kyri's Tunes

    1. LOVE this, feels so great in my earphones but I just want to put it on a loudspeaker and feel it in my sternum yknow 2. Also good, groovy beat with eerie melodies over it Good to see both of these clock in about 2min I like it when you push yourself
  6. I'm still catching up lol adding Jim the producer was genius, adds nicely to the chemistry
  7. Are you on desktop? Try right click > paste as plain text? Sometimes you have to use [media] tags, usually only on mobile if you're also quoting, but it might help otherwise too idk
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