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  1. OKC>Kid A>Amnesiac>HTTT=The Eraser=The Bends>IR>Pablo Honey I'm a huge fan of The Eraser, I actually prefer it to IR.
  2. 326 songs, 140 of which are live versions of songs I already have. They're different though, so I think it's OK.
  3. It's finally done. I have to say, I agree with a few people in the belief that TSH was a certain win, but I really hoped MT would pull through with Amazing Sounds of Orgy or another one.
  4. Thanks, and the cricket was deemed "the space bug" by my roomates and I.
  5. Please constructively criticize, minus "get a new camera". Thanks
  6. I like all these pictures, you all are quite talented. I'm going to throw some of mine up here. No fancy camera or anything, but I do what I can.
  7. Any solo acoustic version Motion Picture Soundtrack or True Love Waits blows my mind.
  8. I think that alone goes to show that Radiohead is superior. I really didn't like either playlist very much, but I like RH more.
  9. I'm sure this has been done before, but a quick search yielded no results. Does anyone have any stuff autographed by the band (especially Thom)? I'm thinking of buying a Christmas gift for my GF, but I don't want to get her a fake. Pics would be appreciated, if not are there any examples online? Thanks
  10. This may have been posted before, but GRT has been boring lately so I figured I would start a thread about something. The whole song samples You and Whose Army. At about 2:00, you can hear it very distinctly. I know I'm not the first to hear this, or am I the only person who listens to The Roots? Edit: sorry, I screwed up the title. It's Atonement by the roots
  11. I'm aware, but the fact that I made it before everyone else is satisfying. And I plan on making more.
  12. BRING IT!!!!!!!!! haha, yea anyway it's a lot of fun.
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