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  1. updated, i thought it'd be cool if we had links to all albums/EPs (anything semi-official anyway) that can be downloaded for free.
  2. he changed his url, should be working now.
  3. i think i'm going to try once my cheap shitty camera arrives (the film is going to cost more than the camera). Just need to find somewhere i can process it. edit: i also want to try shooting with some infrared film, but it's meant to be difficult guaging exposure.
  4. anyone cross-processed photos here? recommend slide film?
  5. thanks! i plan on working on improving my photos of people. i have to photograph for my sisters wedding.
  6. summer photos! (i may have posted 1 of these before).
  7. if you have the money and want a specific tone that you will get from another guitar (or you want to put a guitar in a different tuning and need to switch quickly and you have the money) then no, if it's merely for the sake of collecting then yes.
  8. nothing wrong with using photoshop. dad found me his old rangefinder, it's a russian leica copy, needs a service but makes a good subject for now.
  9. anyone used any of the russian FED cameras at all? they seem reasonably priced, but i can't find any reviews. edit: i really like the one of the dead tree whitewash, matt did you use a wide-angle lense on that shot, or stitch them together?
  10. and finally a few taken in the last couple of months:
  11. old photos (about 7 years i think)
  12. need to start taking photos again, but in the meantime mum was cleaning out my old desk and she found some photos. Some of these were taken when I was 5, so they're not of the greatest quality. old old photos (10-15 years)
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