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  1. kafka.


    see you, mt. it's been great.
  2. kafka.


    the us vs. them that I see are fans who don't want to post in this forum vs. fans who are fine using it. we're talking about a very logical rule: a certain type of art belongs here, and that's the purpose for having this forum. now we're looking at a possible exception to this rule, and I don't see any reason for it. I can see a case for someone posting chrisflew's music in OM, for example, because he's actually gone. Cab isn't. as for Danny, he's about as close as a fan here gets to being actually local to the band instead of just local to the website. This isn't someone who likes a
  3. kafka.


    I don't think there's much difference in the artist wanting to leave YA and the fans wanting to do that for them. I can come up with an easy definition of YA art, for both fans and artists: any art you would not have found on your own if it weren't for the fact the art was posted here, whether you saw it directly or another MTer linked you to it, or any art that you had something to do with making. With this definition comes: YA art belongs in YA. In both nordheim and cab's cases, would we have their art or know about their art if they had not posted it here at some time? No. It woul
  4. kafka.


    he's been back since the summer. and posting in this thread.
  5. kafka.


    I was hoping this wouldn't be a discussion. I don't see anyone's opinion being swayed too much one way or the other. But a boundary needs to be set because we need a system of dividing Your Art bands who stay in YA and the ones who get to graduate to OM. My preferred system is: don't divide them at all. It's the clearest boundary. It's the fairest. It's the most supportive of other musicians here. And it's the most obvious boundary when the musician still posts here. Usually when a band gets big, there's still the hometown pride, right? So even if we try to make an impossibly subjec
  6. sorry for the slow response. it's been ages since I've reviewed anything here. or at least anything long at all. unemployed vs. employed makes a huge difference when it comes to an online social life. but let's get to it. first, name change? Empire Machines isn't bad. Maybe a little cold. but it works. Now, the site feels so official. Don't like that on instinct. Feels like there's a lot of money behind you, men in suits sort of thing. Mailing list? So what's the planning behind that? I definitely respect someone with the time and energy (and money, yeah) to make something more serious, f
  7. hmmmmmmmm well, I thought Thom could've been more articulate about climate change on colbert. aaaaahhh hummmmmm... Ed hasn't made a solo record yet? second on the slow output lately but eh, can hardly blame them. how do you categorize I Might Be Wrong then?
  8. nothing at all artful in capturing this (average intelligence cell phone), but I like that I managed to get it before being rushed out of the parking lot. there's something artful in capturing a sight at all, right? the pictures in here are always amazing. overwhelming.
  9. eeeaaasy: good question, cool person. hey wait, do you want to tell me your open mic history up to the present? cause I'd love to read that.
  10. I think Obama's drug history was something like, "I smoked a good deal of pot. Then I did some cocaine. But! I decided not to do heroin." drug scandals are dead.
  11. C+S, I don't think I ever replied to your pm about this, but I think it's awesome and I endorse it. Not that you needed me to sign off on anything. I really wish I could do this. Maaaaybe I can. I can definitely vote!
  12. Kid A + shrooms = yes I definitely agree with this. Radiohead does not require drugs. But if you use drugs, Radiohead makes for a good pairing.
  13. so who's singing? let me do a proper review later. but that question's currently on the mind.
  14. kafka.


    ha, that looks great
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