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  1. saw him last night. The Axe is decent. Default and cymbal rush were still the best tracks tho.
  2. yeah nice vibe. Drums are cool. What you using to produce these days?
  3. Promoting a friends EP that i helped a little bit with. https://gudjohr.bandcamp.com/album/in-between-the-blinks Track 2 / 5 are well worth a listen especially.
  4. nice ^ stand alone. https://soundcloud.com/tristansmusic/golden-boy
  5. the studio version of Bloom never really hit the tracks potential. Love that they are redoing it in a certain way.
  6. The only thing i will note here is he did this in an interview with RT...
  7. it's a friends that i produced and mixed!
  8. Also feels good to have a physical release you produced.
  9. Got lots of new stuff in a lot of different styles coming.. Here's a couple of tracks that didn't make the cut. https://soundcloud.com/tristansmusic
  10. You Creep Telex Bends Exit Let Down EIIRP Kid A Packt Pyramid Gloaming There There Nude Weird Fishes Lotus Flower Codex Burn The Witch Daydreaming
  11. guys why am i not at glastonbury
  12. mother lode and reverse runnning are radiohead quality.
  13. I"m looking forward to hear okc remastered.. I mean if it's good then great if it's not then i'll just listen to the original.
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