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  1. a reminder and cuttooth are my big b-side fantasies. plus a couple more new songs. come to your senses and full stop (whatever that is) being the obvious ones, but i really want open the floodgates, and present tense, the soundcheck teasers for those sound pretty epic.
  2. thanks, got these all up i think, if anyone downloads any of these let me know if there's anything objectionable about them cos i didn't listen beforehand. also moved supercollider to "live/alt versions" to account for the RSD single. edit: oh and replaced the daily mail with the ftb recording (pretty much same thing with a bunch of other stuff added) and replaced staircase with ftb while moving the thom solo version to alt versions. as always let me know if i fucked something up.
  3. weird. fixed now. http://www.mediafire.com/?m3iul6d4okgbiei
  4. Lift [Lisbon] Lift [salamanca] and if you have a version in addition to these please throw them into the ring as well. personally i'm more attached to the lisbon version and think it's better, but it's harder to hear everything that's going on in it whereas the salamanca version is pretty much crystal clear.
  5. checked all the links and they're intact, by some miracle. so is that this thread fully updated? i'll post the performances of '02 lift i have and see which one you guys think should be the representative - cos they are pretty different-sounding. other than that, any critical version updates i missed?
  6. k deleted all TKOL songs, updated present tense with the sheepchair version. i'm gonna through here in a bit checking for dead links, but i'm really disoriented as to any other better versions that have been discussed in this thread, or even which of these links are still the versions i have on my computer, so like, if someone who has heard the ones that are linked currently wants to clue me into something better i'm all ears.
  7. have you guys seen full band daily mail yet? i hope it goes to radiohead but it's still pretty exciting to get a glimpse of what it'll sound like, especially since i'm guessing AFP are taking cues from what it sounded like during the in rainbows sessions. i can definitely see phil writing that drum beat. the transition midway gives it sort of a you and whose army-meets-talk show host vibe.
  8. yeah but they won't pull the same stunts they did with lp7.
  9. alright. some of it's kinda fishy but i posted the wieayb demo and a couple other things. some of these instrumentals are from mpie but im not sure about the others. could you get that there there demo up again by itself? also just to reiterate, if anyone has that jazzy soundcheck clip from 06, i still can't find it.
  10. this version of wieayb is really creepy. almost amnesiac-ish. i'm gonna guess this is from the pre-httt webcast? edit: oh duh genchildren. i guess i should listen to these all before i ask my questions.
  11. should be one in the alternate versions section of the unreleased library
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