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  1. bloop

    spam sites

    these past few days have been crazy deleted so many
  2. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

  3. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    'breach' http://soundcloud.com/kyriakosioannou/elect
  4. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    made this today https://soundcloud.com/kyriakosioannou/dim
  5. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    i'm sort of humming/singing
  6. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    they're my vocals! : D thanks marcos !
  7. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    ikr 'left' https://soundcloud.com/kyriakosioannou/left
  8. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    haven't made one in a while new https://soundcloud.com/kyriakosioannou/ceiling
  9. after first listen i like Ful Stop, Present Tense, and True Love Waits the most
  10. bloop

    Kyri's Tunes

    i made this todayy https://soundcloud.com/kyriakosioannou/stitch
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