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  1. Tonight I had a very strange dream. I was in the dinner's room of my uncles, and I don't know how, but Thom was sitting in the sofa. Jonny was also there sitting in another sofa. I was there, like I have known them all my life (I wasn't excited or anything like that), like "hey, how you doing". So I sat in the sofa too, but with my legs on the top of the sofa. And I know, but Thom and Jonny started talking and then they started singing "You and Whose army". I promised I have been all this morning with this tune on my head, just wondering why "you and Whose army".
  2. I don't have the In Rainbows songbook but well, here you are something that you don't have yet: Here is the link for the file you uploaded: https://www.yousendit.com/download/TTdFWGJEMGNsUjlFQlE9PQ
  3. that's a tragic story... hope you find her. It happened to me, that when I was queuing with a friend to buy the Radiohead ticket there was a fair haired boy and we talked for a while. But for a moment I stopped the conversation and looked to another place (I thought that the conversation was over). Then my friend told me that the boy was expecting to talk more.... I rejected him without noticing....................... and he was handsome!
  4. THANKS!!!!! (It's from someone called Joan Corbera, ajjaja his surname is the name of the village where I use to spend my summer time )
  5. awesome! I don't regret not having gone to that London show, only except for the tourist. We had House of cards and also The Bends and Lucky
  6. jajaj I remember being in the foo fighters gig in Edinburgh last year and a very kind scottish boy asked me if I wanted to be on his shoulders so that I could see the gig better! jajajaj poor boy! I was very glad and almos for 2 songs I was in his shoulders! jajaj But, as milkychai says, if you ask politely people use to be reasonable in that kind of matters.
  7. I have the exactly same problem as you. I'm 1,55m and what I do is always try to go early to the venue so I can take a good place in the front. When I went to see Radiohead in Barcelona last 12th june I was in second row, and I thought everything was perfect, except for a girl in front of my with a bun... it was difficult to see Jonny because of that...
  8. your homenage is fantastic. Hope Radiohead hear about it. It's gonna be a glorious day! (I cried when I heard it played live)
  9. I would like to go to Manchester, but the real problem is to book the flight... it's really expensive from here
  10. I would like the complete one.... that's a shame for spanish fans!
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