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  1. ro_

    living room demos

    Here's a tune I wrote: https://soundcloud.com/moonlitnally/steady-in-the-storm Definitely some sound quality issues. Going to return to my previous recording location, there was less white noise there.
  2. I think that's art. Love handwriting. Will post soon.
  3. ro_

    living room demos

    Haha wait what was it?? Im new to soundcloud, and only follow one person. But thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. Making music makes me so happy and i love sharing but havent had much of am opportunity this year. Dream is for a house gig in Edinburgh! Scottish/irish folk is my focus, but I've been trying some other languages.
  4. ro_

    living room demos

    Thank you so much for listening! I really appreciate your comments. And yea, I got to get logic, I've heard very positive things about it, and I'm sure it would sound much better. Garage band is the bare bones and that's about it, but at least it's something (and was free). Going to try to record something today with the pipes!
  5. ro_

    living room demos

    A tiny bit about the tunes: Girl from the North Country is a Dylan tune, and one of my favorites. Silkie is a Scottish folk song from Orkney. A silkie is a half man half seal who steal onto land to mate, and then they come for the child later in life in order to teach it how to be a seal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Silkie_of_Sule_Skerry My version is ultimately modeled on the way the Corries play it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSxrH8yYI_E but Joan Baez also does a version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zZy2Q3QY0Q
  6. ro_

    living room demos

    Hey MT. Never posted here, but I've been playing and singing guitar for a while now. Let me know what you think of these tunes. The biggest drawback for me right now is the recording quality. I use garage band (ultimate shame) because it's all I've got and I record in my living room when no one is home. Recently I've been doubling the base track by recording with a microphone hooked up to my laptop and with my samsung recorder elsewhere in the room and farther away. By synching them with a simple clap of the hands I've been able to get the best recording quality I've ever gotten on ga
  7. it's cause we are 20th century bitches
  8. in solidarity with Radiohead deleting their social media presence, I think we should consider blowing up MT
  9. this is exactly what i came to this thread looking for.
  10. I believe so. Jonathan started the whole gig I think and is a member of radiohead.
  11. take yr time with yr life dude. necessary stuff. hope all ees well. you should bring the songs back online though
  12. no it's not lyrically forced, but rhythmically it feels that way to me. that's just my impression! "this kind of stuff." indie pop, indie folk? I thought of pavement, self, also some elvis costello but also with a more DIY vibe...have you heard of Defiance Ohio? Sometimes it reminded me of them. I don't know Silver Jews. I'd love to hear how it sounds in your head. Hopefully you can get some more instruments going on.
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