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    being mediocre for a while. although i actually have nothing against people taking lessons from a good teacher. it's very important to learn how to breathe correctly, although it's something that you can learn yourself. there's a website with some good exercises and tips here. but the bottom line is you've gotta practice. it's a case of working on weaknesses and strengthening your voice, but it's also to do with confidence. the better you get at it, though, the more confidence you'll have in your abilities. anyway yeah, good luck in deciding what you want to do.
  2. thanks. ah i forgot to point out it's a cohen cover. i definitely like the 60's sound though. it's basically all i listen to these days so some of it bound to rub off.
  3. bump! i just made this: suzanne
  4. last minute..... go for sofia , it's about the fifth song down.
  5. i have no idea what to put on this, or whether i'll even finish anything in time. i was thinking of trying to finish 'the ballad of ike and tina' since it includes some nice christmas bells.
  6. i turned signatures off ages ago because some people's are so distractingly huge.
  7. on the one hand it's a nice idea, but on the other i can see it would get abused pretty easily (just like every other forum)
  8. alternatively, how about having your threads vaguely stick to the topic? i'm sure that would make it easier to find things.
  9. what's wrong with w0z? he's better than you.
  10. maybe you should edit your first post so people don't keep asking?
  11. i think brian said something about it being ready for christmas.
  12. how do you want us to send you the songs? YSI, or gmail or something?
  13. i'll put something in if you want.
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