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  1. if TKOL had the 8 songs + the 4 post + the pre 2 (guess harry wouldn't count...) and was 14 tracks it'd totally be HTTT 2
  2. people paying for music has become weird yeah if yr just starting out it should be free i guess? but then aren't actual CDs out of date? ... but to trust people to go to your bandcamp or whatever... i don't know... the physical part reminds them to def. LISTEN ... one would think! ISM shirts! ha! the closest i came was pretty lame just this plain blue shirt and i wrote glazed & confused on it with the idear that i'd probably add more to it later but never did i never wear it out in public thought because it's a GIRLS shirt i was going to give it to YOU to see w
  3. the image of you after a live show sitting at some tiny little MURCH table and like... 5 copies of yr best of... haha! people chatting you up and saying "woah! it's only 5 bucks? i gotta buy this!" because if you give it for free they won't trust it or value it! maybe make a few t-shirts! some buttons / badgers / pins! rare 7incher vinyl with the [radio edit] version of Oranges Rap b/w a cover of Clowny Clown Clown! eyah!
  4. DAMN dead! deader than dead! deader than the final nail in the coffin just... dead die harder? TRY HARDER ON HER! at least you got 2 new guys on 80s to checker it out but they probably won't say a duckal so they might as well have not even glistened that's always just the worst! "i heard this... in full... but i have nothing to say..." ?!!!
  5. haha! oh man so amazing... it would be! for some reason that reminds me of the last scene of the movie Anti-Trust that's it like 1min from the end... watch it for that last minute until the very end... that final moment reminds me of the thing you spoke about! that'd be us 3! OUR MOMENT!
  6. one day us 3 should form The Next Nihilist Trio! like THE NEXT KARATE KID! and then go on to win oscars for playing boys who don't cry! and foxy boxers! [who wear bear suits!] the point is moots! ruffi orange you glad i didn't say pahanna bone!
  7. i'd venture he meant the idears BEHIND the songs... the MYTHOS which really is a charming part of the music! i'd assume that's what he meant man that weird sexual pizza cat story what the hell haha!
  8. after he reviews the last 2 you should reveal the 2nd BONUS DISK edition of The Best of! where things get REALLY heavy! kinda like how radiohead best of seemed all weird but then the special edition had a second disker to give for more songs! DO IT! go nuts! JUST FOR FUN! maybe high-light some of the more longer / instrumental electronic tracks? i think many would dig that!
  9. i'd argue that SHE was the most ambish! and i only was laughing ruffy at the WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? like somehow the concept was totally normal! haha! it's like a machine powered by duck quacks... and if they stop quacking the machine stops working... so there is a FAIL SAFE ... where robotic spoons hit them so they will start quacking again (if you don't quack, you feel pain) so they will keep quacking and the machine will still run most likely a car but it could be used (and abused) for other purposes too i'm sure! like toaster hats! or inflatable demon shoes!
  10. :lol: :lol: ha! haha yes! i know the feeling! like in depth feedback on yr feedbackular and then you just keep feeding the back (ular) and see where it glows / MUTATES! god DAMN that was worth the wait... truly fun entertaining comments! i could only dream to come into glistening to this music with such fun fresh idears / viewpoints! ... i really did damn duggit! :lol: WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? oh man!
  11. LIES! all lies! also someone else could damn checker it out too! i mean like COME ON! no YOU come own! aww!
  12. well that doesn't tell much! do a track by track review! click it, you! HUGH!
  13. IGGY! it was 2010! the future is now the past!
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