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  2. If Colin wants to be a Tory it’s ok as long as he starts using more fretless bass.
  3. Colin went back on the BBC Music Life show, not as the host this time, with Tshepang (from BLK JKS), Chelsea Wolfe and Anna Von Hausswolff. It was a friendly conversation but Tshepang asked a couple of provocative yet open ended questions about indigenous issues and African culture that his guests (with the possible exception of Anna Von Hausswolff) tried to ignore, which was revealing of their views.
  4. In early 2003 just before the US and UK invasion of Iraq and the promo run for Hail to the Thief, Asian Dub Foundation released the album Enemy of the Enemy. Ed, in his first major work outside Radiohead, played guitar on several songs including the title track, Blowback and 1000 Mirrors. Sinéad O’Connor sings lead vocals on the latter song. The album, featuring uncompromising and prophetic lyrics (even what sounds like a brief interpolation of The National Anthem in Cyberabad), was many alt rock fans’ first exposure to ADF, but they lost founding member Deeder Zaman s
  5. The overwhelming strength of individuality that vocal sampling echoes psychedelic. And the catharsis after the beat is the strongest legend. Recall a situation like 200 kilometers on the highway. It ’s called an awakening draggy jacket. A unique new golden castle is being built. Must-listen must-see.
  6. Flylo, Holly Herndon, Jacques Greene, many electronic artists they’ve worked with or praised are embracing NFTs. Radiohead seem to be in a post-ideology mode where they do what they want regardless of ethics. They wouldn’t be the first artist branded as environmentalists to drop art with the carbon footprint of a tar sands field. It would be an obvious fit with the Kid A era to do a reissue in that form.
  7. haha thanks, i know what it was like. i etched it onto my brain clicking through it obsessively at the time. i just mean, if you want to celebrate a particular "era", i'm curious as to how you can best do that when so much of that "era" was basically online. they fully embraced the blogging era, but the worst way to celebrate that time and what it meant is by just printing it off and binding it. at least OKNOTOK made sense because it was all pretty analog, with notebooks and stuff, but the RH online turn is harder to commemorate properly, i think. i dunno. maybe i'm just being a pedant an
  8. Not sure how this will make everyone feel but after checking discogs, prices of Radiohead “rare” stuff (apart from the IR discbox and TKOL newspaper which were, I guess, more limited quantities) have def been going down in recent years. A bare bones CD from Frank Ocean goes for $750, a Radiohead special edition in like-new condition is still $20.
  9. I mean, if you just want to look at it and not have a physical copy, here's a link: http://web.archive.org/web/20081219080225/http://home.student.uu.se/hehi1133/artwork.htm
  10. Last year I thought the Radiohead “library” announcement was going to be a prelude to an all encompassing (though, this being Radiohead, certainly not free) digital reissue of the complete Kid A and Amnesiac sessions, like a more capitalistic take on Fugazi’s live archive. Vinyl is a terrible format for reissues, but even CDs are not ideal to document hours and hours of work in progress. Kid A in particular may be the first major artist’s album that was first experienced by many of its listeners in digital form (albeit a leak of mp3s that weren’t quite legal, but the band did enthusiastically
  11. The sessions I've always wanted to hear are the Spike Stent sessions. I'd love to hear what they were initially going for with In Rainbows coz the live shows felt like they were going for something way less delicate than what we ended up with
  12. Saying that, the best response to that sentiment would probably be something a lot more adventurous than a vinyl boxset lol.
  13. This is how I feel about it. It's how I feel about all of their releases, honestly. They've always sat really weird on the shelf and just don't get used because they're so awkward. I sold my In Rainbows and AMSP boxsets of Discogs last year, and I've trying to get rid of my 10" editions of Kid A and Amnesiac. Partly why I hope they do release a new thing and do it properly. They've never really been presented properly in a large format, imo. (Although I've never seen that award-winning Amnesiac box in the flesh.) It's taken over a decade, but think I've learned the hard way that a solid normal
  14. OKNOTOK’s one useful feature (apart from grabbing wads of cash) was that it collected the b-sides in one place, but EMI had already done that in their 2009 reissue Radiohead threw a tantrum over, and subsequently forced out of print. That reissue’s b-side disc (although I never owned it, and personally listen to the also out-of-print Airbag EP if I want to hear that stuff) also had the benefit of not starting with I Promise, which has nothing to do with OK Computer, and would be maybe the 9th or 10th best song on a Coldplay record. Amnesiac’s 2009 reissue, I do have, and it’s hard to imag
  15. complete Kid Amnesiac sessions/outtakes are the holy grail of the fandom but I felt pretty burnt by the OKC 20th: only three properly presented outtakes, one of which had brand new vocals/strings (Big Boots) and one a demo presented as a finished song, with video and everything, which doesn't even sound like it was OKC era (Lift). nobody needed the remaster and i'm under the impression the boxset didn't do as well as they hoped seeing as it's still widely available. the cassette tape was some weird fetish shit, so their ideas of doing something cool/special worry me a bit... what are we gettin
  16. dare i wade into the dead forum weirdness to stoke hype for a potential Kid Amnesiac reissue? it is gonna feel weird if every album gets a 20th anni special treatment... i get weird Record Store Day vibes, even if it's warranted. bloated vinyl editions have been ruined by a fetishistic marketplace. i'd still buy it though
  17. https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1Sv41157GX
  18. The streaming site bilibili had a lot of the Worthy Farm performances soon after the event, including the Smile (and PJ Harvey’s poems, which I linked in another thread here). I’m not sure if these are still up, but being China based, it could be less subject to takedown orders from the UK.
  19. Where the hell are you guys listening to The Smile?
  20. Po Pad > Dogwander > anything by The Smile
  21. Radiohead > Penny > Israel > turning off downvotes
  22. Israel has a hell of a lot of problems but its existence is more legitimate than the first two entities. Radiohead were never subjected to a Holocaust, they were never the “outsiders” their branding portrayed them as. Penny is just nondescript and noncommittal. I did see a really funny post on reddit where a user asked for recs of music with similar vibes to the guitar line of I Might Be Wrong and a bunch of other blues inspired tunes, and asked very sincerely what genre this falls into, and was recommended “Krautrock” by 30 people with no one even mentioning blues lmao.
  23. stop posting about how shit I, Israel and Radiohead are and go and enjoy your life. the era of big forum essay back and forth has passed, for better and worse. probably the Radiohead reddit is the best place to have a discussion now. i don't want to see this once magnificent but now dead/sleeping forum overpowered by your constantly off topic and/or angry contributions. i strongly feel that your arguments need to be strengthened by rigorous engagement with a more active community, which we here at Mortigi Tempo are unfortunately unable to provide you with at the current time.
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