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    • This better not be an NFT...
    • No they pulled the songs from iTunes years ago, around 2015-6 when the back catalog was purchased by XL from EMI’s successor company. These tracks were removed because they were part of the 2009-10 reissue series that was not approved by Radiohead, but like the 2008 greatest hits, was released by EMI after they left the label in 2007. Most of the songs on the 2009 Amnesiac reissue are simply the b-sides of Amnesiac, which continued to be available. But the Canal Plus live tracks were only ever officially released as part of that EMI reissue the band didn’t approve—so those particular tracks did not stay on streaming/download services after XL bought their catalog from EMI. In fact they were deleted to such an extent that even purchasers would could longer access or even see the songs. Well, what I noticed recently is they seem to be in the process of returning these bonus tracks into iTunes. So far even if you once bought the tracks, you still can’t re-download or play them via iTunes, but you will at least now see the track names reappearing in the iTunes purchased list, after years of being invisible. If you try to play them it will say the track is being “modified.” I don’t even think it’s a certainty that the Canal Plus live material (or the BBC live tracks from the Kid A reissue, which also reappeared recently) will end up being included in whatever Kid A and Amnesiac reissue they’re working on, but maybe it’s like with registering song titles far in advance for copyright reasons, they give iTunes a long lead time with the provisional tracklist or at least any songs that might have been hidden in their old iTunes catalog and they now want to start bringing back. Considering that Radiohead’s back catalog has not changed hands since 2015-6 (and there are no rumors that it has recently been sold by XL to another party) the only reason for the sudden reappearance of those tracks now would be if iTunes radically changed their protocol w/r/t availability of past purchases (I haven’t seen any other evidence this is the case) or more likely, Radiohead and their current label XL are making preparations to rerelease some or all of these once-hidden songs along with probably some unheard ones. Edit: idk why I posted so many words on this. Amnesiac and Kid A sessions is the only reissue I could care about (unless they drop the Spike Stent version of IR and the Q-tip version of TKOL* which will never happen) but I still don’t really care much... maybe if they make it so all profits are for some cause besides their own asses. I really just want to hear Dogwander.
    • What would be the reasoning behind RH pulling out the Amnesiac tracks from iTunes before a reissue?
    • Amnesiac is definitely getting a reissue soon. I got the deluxe version on iTunes and then after they left EMI for years many of the bonus tracks like the live Canal Plus versions disappeared from my library. (The actual album and the b-sides did not, because the band kept those available via singles/EPs.) In recent months these live tracks reappeared randomly in my library. They’re unplayable like any upcoming release, but it shows Radiohead have submitted some new version of Amnesiac where these versions are going to be included in iTunes again. I think it’s rare to see tracks disappear completely from iTunes “purchased” list that way. People think it happens all the time that Apple purchases disappear but it’s equally rare as a bandcamp purchase being deleted. Usually even out of print stuff from years earlier is still available to you if you already bought it. The artist/label has to actually request it being hid even from the library of those who purchased it, and if they do that, the only way it will ever come back is if they are re-releasing it. 2001 era Aaliyah stuff is still in my iTunes purchased library and it was never hidden/deleted even though these songs have not been available to buy or stream for a long time.
    • Amnesiac was my favorite album for a long time, I don't know what it would be now though.
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