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A different producer

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haha no wait seriously what if thom one day put up on DAS


Nah man, we love Kanye West


With all this switching up as of late, what with the band i've created that still has yet to be named, Radiohead (you know, the other band) has decided to work with a new producer for this next album (that might not actually be an album cus we said we don't do albums anymore but more like a collection of 10-13 songs that have some form of continuity to be released on tiny vinyl flying saucers packaged in cardboard which sounds awesome but in reality wil be quite banal)


but yeah after that nasty bit of mess at the grammy's with a certain mr west we've decided (at the risk of confusing some and miffing quite a few others) to commission him to produce the new alb- music we're doing. after all, we don't want to send the wrong message about our sentiments towards our p-*gag*-eers, ahem. yyeaaahhhh


oh and Kristen, i hope your birthday was great. Sorry i couldn't make it to the party, i had..things...y'know


Later suckers,



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Oh yeah, that In Rainbows hiphop rap thing was pretty good, actually.

As a novelty, you understand.


I think they could produce their own album, they're obviously all wizards in the studio, they have motivation, determination and will power. Hard workers. The only thing they need is direction but I'm sure they can find that by themselves.

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john frusciante would be a great producer,too but I guess he's too busy with his solo stuff and other side projects.but he likes many different genres of music,loves altering sounds and likes radiohead a lot!however,i really think he should do something with thom and the green tea

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