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the story of faust is one of a man who sells his soul for want of material possessions; out of greed and vanity and all of that bullshit. and knowing thom, which i don't, but he's made it pretty apparent that he's not the biggest fan of politics and the politicians who run it. He's constantly singing in his songs out of fear of the future and what we, as people, and they, as leaders, are going to do to the timeline of human existence-and he's made it evident that he fears that both sides are going to fall for the same temptations faust did, out of greed, money, or "survival". kbi

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if we're talking lyrics also, to comment on faust and material possessions, the song also has a ring of thom's disdain for consumer waste


"duplicate and triplicate and plastic bags"


"I love you but enough is enough"


seems to be aimed at the common consumer, not necessarily at those in power like a lot of radiohead's lyrics are

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