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does your girl/boyfriend like radiohead?


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yes' date=' through down a few doonas it will be very romantic



in other similar news one of my mates got caught rooting his gf by her parents, but he was doing her doggiestyle


is that not the worst position to be caught in ever?[/quote']


hahaha. oh wow it totally is. that's terrible.

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my girlfriend enjoys radiohead, but not nearly as much as me. She needs the occasional listen to the beatles or some other good band while on our dates otherwise she gets sick of em.


oh and this might be dull and embarrassing but i sing radiohead songs for her, and occasionally she'll play beatles or radiohead songs on the piano and i'll sing. it makes for a great time together

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my boyfriend does not like radiohead

but he knows how much i love radiohead and let me hang a framed radiohead poster in our living room

and he s taking me to see them multiple times this summer....


on the flipside tho...

i ve traveled to see slayer and some other band with him...

and was even willing to go to new york to see danzig on his last tour

danzig fucking sucks.

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