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Thom @ Echoplex (4 new songs)

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and here it is the one you've all been waiting for

no doubt this link will be horribly slow:



that's the audio rip from all of this guy's vidoes. again i have no idea of the quality or how much of the concert is here, but judging by the size it'll be most of it


this is another song, we reckon JUDGE JURY EXECUTIONER is here to watch for you


lots of love


thank u!! one question though, is there something wrong with judge jury executioner? so far all the songs work except that one. is it just my computer that messed it up?

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right, as my last update on this gig for the people of MT, i have links to all the new songs nicely organised:


Lotus Flower


mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?3zye2kcztzd




Open the Floodgates




no mp3 as of yet, feel free to rip one for yourselves


Skirting on the Surface


mp3 : http://www.mediafire.com/?20nmtjmavzn


(5 minutes in)


Judge, Jury & Executioner


mp3 (better quality than the youtube video): http://www.mediafire.com/?5d0tyyxgqtn




talk about exciting stuff. those links are all thanks to Dellan of atease for organisation and mainly suprefan for taping

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just saw harrowdown hill and I retract my previous statement about flea for now


Is Flea's bass like 10 ft long or did they shrink him down to Thom size for the night?


Also, is it just me, but with Flea on stage, Thom's bopping around in the beginning sure makes him look like Anthony Kiedis....

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So far, I'm loving Judge, Jury, Executioner & Lotus Flower.

Those recordings aren't bad at all, the only thing is that they're mislabeled.



Edit: Lotus Flower is a horrible name. I met this fat chick in the park with horrible goth makeup and and a "pet" transvestite. She told me to call her "Death Lotus". And now every time I want to fucking listen to this song, I'm reminded of her.

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