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Multi-angle DVDs project - Let's get organised

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Last edit on the 6th september


(crossposting with Atease and Revolving Doors II)


Ok here is the idea i had thinking about the videos we have for the Thom solo show.

They are basically filmed from the same point (center, first rows), so not very interesting for a multi-angle DVD.

But they are definitely very good, and i've seen from the last years a lot of very good quality videos spreading on the net (and especially youtube).


My idea would be not to wait that the shows are over and collect all the videos we can find to do a multi-angle DVD, but to prepare it and place the tapers in strategic points in the venue to get a very good multi-angle DVD.

We would need to know who will film and tape (we would need a good audio source too of course) and we would then decide the place of each video recorders in the venue as to get the best angles possible.

It would be like a professional project but with amateurs people and material.


Who would be interested?


We could see if this is possible, tell here :

- which show you are going,

- will you film or tape (am i using the right technical terms here?),

- and if you don't mind not being at the front row.

We would need recording from the back to get large views, on the left and on the right, and from the center front row for close views. Tell if you have a fave point of view/place in the venue.


We could do that for every shows from now, imagine all the amazing multi-angle DVDs we could have now with the quality videos are now.

Let' get organised, we can do it!


St Polten


Maggiebear - Video ->Receiving files






Emily - Far - Right -> videos to be sent

Hunting Wolf - Zone 1 - Center - full recording -> videos to be sent

Misspearly - Front row center -> videos to be sent

Geox - Front row center ->Receiving files

Maggiebear -> Receiving files

Cinnamongirl - Zone 1 - 7/8th row - Right -> videos to be sent

RoseRH - Zone 1 - 7/8th row - Right -> videos to be sent


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Nanakey (Atease) - Video - Front - Left

Hunting Wolf (Atease) - Video - Zone 1 - Center - full recording

Misspearly (Atease) - Video - Zone 1 - Front center

Cinnamongirl (Atease) - Video - Zone 1 - Front - Between Ed and Thom / Thom and Jonny


KarelJanu - Audio - Zone 1



Misspearly (Atease) - Video - Zone 1 - Front center

KarelJanu (Atease) - Audio - Zone 1

Trapped animal (Atease)



Post production

Square (Atease) - Editing


srsly, move this to atease

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I'm sorry i completely forgot to keep you update.

Maybe you've found those videos on other boards or directly on youtube but here are the news about the DVD of the Prague show :


For Christmas we released a little trailer to show how things were going and to give an idea of the full release date :


So March has arrived but we are still working on and the final released will surely be for late march or april, so to help you wait again and to show you how the guys are working on the editing, here is a full edited song, 2+2=5 :


I hope next time i'll post it will be to announce the release of the DVD :)

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dude, freakin awesome. great work. can't wait to watch the whole thing. audio sounds great and you're not kiddin on the 'multi' part of multi-angle project haha.

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This is great, every time something like this pops up I'm amazed and humbled by the collective power of the internet. Thanks for your work, and I can't wait to see the final cut.

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