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Snidely Whiplash

Things you wanna do with other posters.

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sure but after you leave im gonna play "three triangle game" with kristen and janel though is that ok


and aravind i want to do the pooja thing with you

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i love hey arnold <:_)

this is the cutest thread ever.

those are terrible pictures of me.


I'd start a band with Janel and make the best music in the world. I'd move to Philadelphia I think and be liz's best friend. And then I'd afford to go to spain and hang out with rapefish and his friends and pick up greasy squat spanish men. according to him. Then I'd go to London, meet cal and old gods and somehow embarrass myself. When I turn 90 I'd move to the netherlands and spend the rest of my about 10 days in a rocking chair with Foppe. Also I'd force Irene to bake bunny cookies with me. I'd swing on a swingset with kyri. I'd host a birthday party for small children with sam tones, I'd be transported into a mystical universe with bella- both as warrior princesses, eat cake and icecream with dracool, go climb white windy mountains with jake, read books under a tree with kafkadoodledoo, feed skuj's baby babyfood, track down krqlud? and see if I fall in love with him, wander around a super fancy japanese bakery with the most exquisite little cakes and things with lain iwakura and eat them and have fancy teacups,


and stuff

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nothing sparks my interest right now, i guess whoever wants to ahng around and feel strung out with me and stare at a really bright screen in the dark with moths buzzin against the window and then we cuddle but it's really sweaty but not in a sexy way really just that damp heat i dunno. that is my state of mind can u FEEL it.

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in alphabetical order as they appear on my friends list and if i actually know anything about them


part 2



-ryan-: i would let him duct tape headphones to my head and play the most abrasive music possible at max volume until my ears bleed


charley: i would buy him porn


jedistick: i would pretend to be a velociraptor and he would pretend to be jeff goldblum


olga: i would probably just watch her draw, or maybe get back into typography with her, i haven't done anything with typography for a long time


clartha maire: staring contest, then i'd do a rorshach test on her


kyle: we would come up with euphemisms like "if there's grass on the field, play ball," or "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed"


aaron: me and him vs. like 6 other people on starcraft


dracool: wait how did dracool get on my friends list


beast taylor: i would drive him around since he's not old enough to drive yet, so he can pick up chicks and buy x-men action action figures and stuff


mr. pink: shooting range


burnedletters: probably try to design an oldskool 2D RPG


cab: i would drive him around since he's not old enough to drive yet, so he can pick up chicks and buy x-men action action figures and stuff


aidan: take pictures of dilapidated old buildings


irene: drive around in some sort of urban setting in a car with hydraulics with a bandana on my head while we listen to something inappropriate like "the times they are a'changing"


cheba63: i would be reminded of the ben folds five rap with the word "cheba" in it and i would do the rap and then i dunno i'd be all awkward and silent or we'd make out or something i dunno


cindy: i would ask her to drive me around since i'm not old enough to drive yet, so i can buy x-men action figures and stuff


choke-the-panda: i would probably draw pictures of what people's clothes might look like in the future and she would tell me if they were shitty clothes or not


garrett: i would go to a basketball game with him and not know anything about basketball, but tell him i did, and just cheer whenever he cheered, and whenever he was like "god damnit" i'd say "i hate it when that happens, that is something that i know what it is and i dislike it." then we would go back to his place and play mario kart probably, but i'd just sit in the middle of the track and shoot shells at him every time he drove by


cinnamon girl: whatever happened to cinnamon girl? i'm not sure what i'd do with her. probably build a really big fortress out of legos or something


bleesh: i would have him introduce new music to me in a sort of yoda / luke skywalker training montage type of thing


callum: i would kick him in the shins and watch him limp around


bishopsrobes: i would probably want to attach wheels to the bottom of a couch and roll down hilly streets on it with him, because he told a story one time about him and his roommates finding a couch on the side of the road or something like that. bottom line is we would do something with a couch outdoors that you are not supposed to do with couches


robin: i would eat a single peep because her old signature made me think of peeps, and then i would throw up because peeps are gross. then she'd drive me to the store to buy x-men action figures


damm: we would start a tour bus company and he would drive around london and i would make up facts because i know nothing about london


the thleen: i dunno, maybe watch the ben folds five sessions at west 54th DVD


dayana: we would go through my back yard looking for snails


doctor jess holliday: i dunno, i think i'd be all shy and quiet and not say anything


durden singer: write / play music


eel, max "sam" beta and prestidigitator: i would tell them that the world was under attack by aliens who were going to wipe everyone's minds and put them in stasis pods like the matrix or something, and that we had to stay in the building we were in for the rest of our lives and not open the door outside ever, or they'd catch us. and then after a couple of days we'd be all insane and delirious and stuff, like that episode of angry beavers where they stay awake for like a million years, and we'd think our minds had been wiped and we would give up and open the door and find ourselves in an exact replica of the world we had known before, and resign ourselves to living in this fake universe


electioneer1313: i dunno much about him but he's a cool guy and i like his avatar, so we'd go hunting for a pegasus moose


erik sund: i would pretend to be drunk while he was drunk and we'd do drunk things


erika: i would have her buy me x-men action figures since she has so much money. no, just kidding, just kidding. i would drive around florida with her and pretend i was dexter since dexter takes place in florida


feelitinyourbones: we would go to parties and act all cool and then when someone started being dumb we'd punch them out like a nutcase / badass, also we would argue about the grateful dead


fictional character: i would become enraged / depressed as he told me about all the horrible things going on in the world right now


filmfanb: i would not fall asleep first


tina smarties: i would make an inflatable foppe baby head doll and we would play dodgeball with it


anna: probably draw goofy characters beating the shit out of each other


fog: i would write -fog at the end of all his posts for him


folgsam: i would get a DNA test done of his hair to see if it is related to my brother's hair


original giant steps: i would wear a bill murray mask and wake him up in the middle of the night and act like the ghost of christmas past


gnome chomsky philistine: write / play music


carl: we would complain about kids these days and watch really stupid and hilarious stuff like tim and eric. then we would start a radio show like car talk on PBS


andrea: really gay stuff that i'm not going to describe in public, so i'll just say "virgin sacrifice to satan"


emily: i would force her to listen to ben folds five until she admits that it is not "for theater kids"


cian: we would discuss our childhoods


hi-potion: i would go to the gym he goes to and pretend to be chad feldheimer from burn after reading


dryan: have him teach my brother how to play the fucking violin so i don't have to hear dying cats every day anymore


hortenzia64: i would ask her foreign words


harry: i promised him he could tug on my goat beard once but after that i'm not really sure, i dunno how harry and i would interact face to face


ian-o-head: frank zappa dancing fool dance-off


ihggy: i would cut off his beard at night and glue it to my face

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part 1



jilly: i think i would teach her some basic bass lines and we'd be a cover band for really old stuff


hooey lewis: if he doesn't know how to make a potato cannon, i'd show him. if he does know how to make a potato cannon, i'd make one anyway


janel: ride bikes around barefoot, thinking about the kind of person i used to be


juice lee / redcheetah: yeasayer concert probably


zach: one of those movies where two dumb guys who know nothing about children have to take care of a smartass kid who is smarter than they are but still vulnerable and naive, and the three of them all come together as a big family


krqluld: i would not be able to shake the image of his signature of the guy walking over a couch into the camera and i would be terrified of him


kyri: i would try to pronounce his name in a bunch of different ways, then we'd watch space ghost


kzufolo: probably write / play music


lifer weirdo ripper: he would help me find a pair of sunglasses that make me look badass like that one picture of him in sunglasses standing behind that chick or whatever


mab2005: i don't really want to hang out with my mom


mama: play mini golf with him since ben's mom won't let ben play mini golf with him. and the whole time we'd be making hilarious comments, because we're both hilarious, and handsome


meejum: we'd watch strangers with candy because i think he made a strangers with candy reference once


milkychai: probably she'd drive me to buy x-men action figures


may: i would have her paint my nails


mokahi: i'd be his designated driver. then i think i'd try to teach him how to play halo


lily: probably rant about the nature of the universe or something. also i'd have to constantly fight her off of me and explain that even though she's in love with me, i'm with andrea now


mr. daydream / arabesque: he seems kind of shy, i'd probably drive him around and introduce him to ladies and be like "how about a night with this handsome fella"


mr. weenis: write a book with him


mr. grieves: we would take turns trying to play the harmonica solo in roxy music's grey lagoons, but he would have to bring his own harmonica because i don't want his spit on mine


ms*ali: she would drive me to buy x-men action figures while telling me to sit up straight, and i'd think she was being mean but years later i'd thank her for her concern about the health of my spine


mthorn: probably play street fighter with him


canadian andrea: make mystery science theater 3000 style shows with her


rose ocean: she would play a record that looked like her avatar and i'd just stare at it spinning forever


will: him sam and me would play TF2


evan pabst: caddyshack re-enactments, he'd get drunk and i'd pretend to be drunk and we'd say "I LOVE YOU MAN" a lot


aww jeah: we would eat lots of chocolate and annoy people


jon: start a band, play videogames, pretend jon is morrissey and i'm johnny marr, 4v4 lasertag matches with me, jon, foppe, and liffey


penny: i dunno, we'd try and come up with something to do with our irreverent wit and charm, but ultimately lack the drive to initiate anything


eclipsed evan: if it's anything like the way we interact on MT, it'd alternate between me getting mad at him all the time, and laughing with him and just hanging out


pickled dog: we'd go out photography-ing


nat: i would watch her pet snake while she avoided me because she doesn't like me anymore


nathan: probably play halo or some other FPS


josh panther: i dunno. he's another one of those people who i don't understand, but i think we'd get along


pseudonym: rant about how shitty virginia is, hang out in DC and go to museums and stuff


radiofly: i would have him put in a good word for me to the dalai lama


reluctant george: i dunno, something vaguely destructive, like painting curse words on park benches


remixomawinden: ridiculous faces contest, ridiculous noises contest


rich: i would do his mascara for him


kidiowa: pretend we hate each other for a while, then listen to elbow


liz: i would probably just want to play iscribble with her in person


clanclan: build a house out of sticks on the side of the road and make hats that looked like giant daddy longlegs, and help little insects not get run over by cars


seraphina: probably help kristen and her babysit her kids


roger: follow him around and record everything he says. but i don't know what i'd do with the recordings


kristen: see seraphina


earl shaun: sit on top of a building and throw rocks at people


skuj: probably hang out with him and a bunch of family friends, skuj would fit right in with everybody. it'd be like skuj and my dad went to highschool together probably


sleepy jack: maybe watch baseball. i dunno what jack likes to do


slibbers: write / play music


tatiana: i think i would like to grow a bonsai garden with tatiana


sam burdock: see will


boney king of nowhere: i'm not sure what he likes, i'd probably tell him to play TF2 with me and sam and will


liffey: film studio with him and me and foppe, see also party cheetos


rapefish: run up staircases before him and shout "FIRST," and have him tell everyone i was his brother with a learning disability


the trickster: i'd have him take me to a hockey game and i'd do the same thing i did with garrett


weird fish: abduct andy partridge and make him write "drums and wires: part two"


foppe: see liffey





i think there are some other people i'd hang out with who aren't in that list


i don't think i did mikeyg


mikeyg: watch compelling films and then talk about them afterwards

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