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The newer version of Lift is so much better...

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you know i never liked lift much (only heard the Pinkpop version), until just now listening to the Salamanca version. so pretty.


Anyone here got the mp3 by any chance, or do i have to mosey on over to the downloads section?



edit: damn, all of those links are EXPIRED!!

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i can't understand how aggressively down people can be about the more recent Lift when it's essentially the same but a bit slowed down and as i recall in possession of at least one great little melody that the song didn't have in '96. put the old ed harmony in the '02 version as a string part maybe and it's basically just better. i think the song wants space and will ultimately be released as a ballad. '96 actually sounds like a ballad played fast too me, it's something natural to the melody. i don't think they're just being cunts about it.

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