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we'll try it out for a theme and see how it works out. i don't think its cheating at all as long as the drawings are presented with the same creative perspective as a photo would be. if anything i would expect more effort to go into the drawings to keep up with the (absolutely beautiful) quality of photography that's been in this thread so far.

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i think it's ok to try with drawings / paintings whatevs too. For me personally, making a drawing is much more of a challenge than executing same idea with photography. Basically because i'm very slow (and technically not so great) at drawing, and also I usually get bored with the idea before i'm able to finish it. It's so much easier (for me) just to take lots of photos and try different ideas and then choose from them, than make many drawings.


Depends on the next topic which medium i will choose.


I don't see a separate thread for drawings etc a bad idea either.

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(DEC 14 - 28)

Well I know the last theme was portraiture, so I figured this would make sense to follow. Basically the assignment requires you to create your own still life arrangement for a photo (or, well, any medium, for this theme). What sort of arrangement? That's up to you. It could be the standard bowl of fruit, or perhaps a more complicated vanitas scene. It could be a group of similar objects or things that don't really go together at all. A fun idea would be to recreate a still life from a famous painting with a modern twist. Or you could show off your troll doll collection. Questions, comments, concerns? Keep them to yourself. Nah, just kidding, discussion is encouraged.

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(APR 17 - 30)


Welcome back to the Photo Adventure Thread! The next project is based on the concept of Juxtaposition. Much more than just a fun word to say, this assignment asks the photographer to focus on finding an element out of place, as if it seemingly did not belong. Placed side by side with something that compares/contrasts either conceptual or stylistic elements, juxtaposing objects can make for extremely interesting photography. This can be done by intentionally physically arranging a scene, finding an interesting preexisting juxtaposition, or using a program like Photoshop to place two or more photographs together that share (or don't share) some kind of niche. Some examples/ideas to ponder: texture (hard/soft, rough/smooth, shiny/dull), design (what an object's intended use is), color (complimentary or mismatching colors), order (which of these things is not like the other one?). Questions? Comments? Concerns? I hope this is a fun assignment to get the ball rolling on this thread once again-- take some time and really think about it, there are endless possibilities.

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