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What Celebrities Are Into Radiohead?

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i was just going to agree with the poster that said it is "hip" to like radiohead.


story to this effect:


one time, my friend met another friend of mine for the first time who said he liked radiohead. my friend just moved on, and asked him who else, not acknowledging how much he liked radiohead too, because, as he told me later, "it doesn't mean anything when you say you like radiohead. it's too easy. i mean, i wanted him to name some more obscure bands, or else i would have no clue about his taste. the fact that he likes radiohead says nothing to me."


lol about gwyneth comments.


i do love christopher nolan, ed norton, and brad pitt, though. liv tyler? hot damn.


one thing i will say is from the output of every single artist i listen to, even my all-time favorites/recommendations/greats, only probably 5-10% of their material is REALLY going to stay in my music rotation until i die. and that's being generous. but radiohead? at least 30% of what they've done is epic, and will haunt me/appease me/calm me/be my anthems for the rest of my life.


well said

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