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Do they do drugs?

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I'd say generally the band has a distaste for, at least certain types of drugs. Coming up in the 80's, where by all accounts pretty much EVERYONE, especially involved in music (from the rockers to the label executives) was stuffing copious amounts of colombian marching powder in their nostrils, I think they had a pretty cynical view on that.


Sample lyric:

"She said that

Too many people starving and fighting

Too many salesmen, too many factories

But she likes getting high cos it's pretty"

(from "Give It Up")...something like, face the truth and deal with it instead of trying to escape.


Also, Jonny has stated that anything that made him feel he was "losing control" of his body caused him to panic, can barely have a drink, the band jokes about his teetotaler status (isn't that what english people call it??)


But they definitely drink (Thom described being blacked out drunk as the band recorded the instrumental part of "Paranoid Android"), and Ed and Colin's (possibly the rest of the band, most likely Kid A era if I had to guess) psychedelic forays (mushrooms) have been recorded, as well as Ed's loud and proud love of the marijuana toke.


Other than that, I doubt it.


In addition to the 80's comment above, in the mid-90's when the band first started really gaining momentum, there was a sort of media-obsession with doomed, martyred, dead-young smack-addled rock stars (think Kurt Cobain). If you look around, there are some interviews from right around the time Richey James from The Manics went missing where Thom, responding to the media openly speculating that he would be the next "rock martyr" (pretty sick, eh??) cynically mentions having a bowl of smack for breakfast.


They've always wanted to be different. But man, how can you say no to smack??






I haven't been able to find it since, but there was an awesome little bit of the show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" that was entirely Radiohead...if you're familiar with the show, they do mocking dialogue over bits of film, and while Thom's being interviewed, they blurted out "Singer and heroin vacuum th-ohm yor-key". Love to find it again.

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