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Hail to the Beef

So I was taking a dump today...

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...a real gassy one - equal parts gaseous and solid discharge. Anyway, I had quite the transcendent moment.


I let out this "swooshy," high-pitched fart that lasted a few seconds. It resonated in the toilet bowl to create a powerful, very distinct sound. I immediately recognized it as the alien-like guitar noise that Ed makes at the end of Videotape. Seriously, it sounded like he was in the stall with me playing as I dumped. It was truly magical. A calm came over me as I finished my dump, and I left the bathroom stall feeling satisfied and thrilled that I was able to inadvertently replicate one of my favorite Radiohead sounds using my ass.


Anyways, I just thought I'd share that with everyone. Maybe some of you have also experienced Radiohead sounds occuring naturally in everyday phenomena.

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haha i just noticed the quote in your sig...you do realize that rapidshare hasn't used cats in forever now

i only hated them that day..i actually love cats and have one


Aww...nothing beats a happy ending.



























































I have to change my fucking signiture now, don't I?

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