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*The official ATL show thread*


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This will be the closest I've been to Radiohead and I am ecstatic! For the people wanting to take MARTA. MARTA might be good and well, but I have heard some bad things about it. I saw DMB at Lakewood 2 years ago (Hi-Fi Buys then) and we got out and back on the interstate in no time at all, and we stayed through the encore and left with everyone else. So, you can get out of there in a reasonable amount of time without MARTA, but it's your decision. I have friends that live in ATL and around it and don't speak highly of MARTA. Cheers to a kick ass Radiohead show!!!

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I wonder why radiohead isn't playing at the new verizon wireless amphitheater they built in alpharetta. i'm sure the sound would be better there, plus it's not exactly in a sketchy area.



It's a very new venue. Hadn't heard about it before. I see the Eagles, Tom Petty, and Rush are lined up.


I've never been a fan of Lakewood (poor location, poor sound). Glad to see a new amphitheatre in town. Chastain is wonderful, of course, but it's too small a venue for a one-night stint. Still, I'll be at Lakewood for Radiohead.

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