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poetry sucks

i write poems


Like to see your cute happy endings.

Like to see through cute crappy spending.

Gone to speed through

all of the fusses.

Constant cruising

hung up on busses.

Lighter roll ups

coins in a pocket.

got my head up in the clouds

still plugged to the socket.


It's depressing.


Do'ya know how much this cost?

That cost more than you.

how depressing.

And theres hate, and theres hate.

And everyone there own.

Paper scissor and stone.


love 'n' lies

social alabies.

soap lifes.

cliche specialised

soap lifes.

balanced on a pin

and laughing

'n' look nice.

dedts in full effects

wanna get sex.


The only explanation is audio visual stimulation.

Not civilised conversation.

Audio visual stimulation.

Casing and pasting.

your culture ya nation.

audio visual sanitation.

Life mimicks art in a selfish situation.

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opening my eyes to the light i spill my blood u[on the sand and kick them out

kick them out

know thyself, knowthyself

tthe will to comprehend the lightbuld theories

everlasting patrons, who shelter the bugs in hte rain

killing and tripping, switchingand spitting

teach you how to crave, how to crave

now youve shot themocking bird

the murder crows peck my eyes and eat my soul

kept in silence by in limbo machines

ginger ale and kittens teeth

who dares enter the place of worship

evil child

evil child

bring the whip bringhte chain bring hte rain to wash away

the blood bought to my lips today

and spilled down my throat and in blood

the one that i would kill to bring to life

killing me quickly with this knife

in my ribs

reflected in the rearview mirror

of your pontiac, and infinite glitter between our eyes....

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The black clouds surround me

Reeking with the stench of my imperfections

Weeping, my fists clenched,

At the thought of your indiscretions


The dream started as a blur

all i could see

my chest seared open

And the biting of the fleas

gnawing at the mold on my heart

decayed and hollowed


The images sharpened as

Your excrement fell down my face

I endured it to feel the warmth of your embrace

I some how know

You can see me standing there

At the edge, blinded, heart crossed, and hoping to die

Your eyes burn my back as you stare


You blow a kiss my way

A backdraft of flames rush up

from the doors of hell opening

I have no flesh left

on my body

on my soul

ripped from the bones

or burnt black as obsidian


my human is null

a statue of ash

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