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photography thread


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Medium format seems a bit beyond my skill level and tight wallet.

Film Cameras are a pretty good place to start, as you are shooting blind (compared to Digital cameras). So you can learn through the process of trial and error. Which I did while growing up, had access to my grandfathers Nikon and Canon SLR's. It's been in the last few years that I've come back to photography, started with a 400D and have not looked back (did toy with getting a film slr but went digital). I want the 5D MKII, but must find a job first.


I think most photographers are biased one way or another. My motto is whatever tool suits the job at hand.

Which is mostly Lightroom for Post Processing. Been fiddling with Lightroom 4 beta for the last few days.

Which one can find here - http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom4/ Free to download, expires at the end of March.

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medium format is no harder than 35mm, it's just harder to find the right camera. and unless you have access to a darkroom, sending them off to get developed can be a bit of a hassle.


yeah, i spent a long time saving up and then used half my student loan on it. that was a painful decision, but worth it. best camera out there IMO. and yeah, definitely agree. the medium depends on the job or whatever. but for general snapshot shooting, i find it hard to leave my film camera at home.

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I know!


I didn't think jellyfish swam that way, they were all upside down - or maybe I just don't know much about jellyfish


anyways I have no plans on finding out much further than standing on the other side of the glass...


my son loOoOoved the aquarium, acted like he owned the place =)

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yeah, wish I could've gotten clearer pictures of the other jelly fish but they were awash in dark lighting

the belugas were awesome, really friendly, playful, curious - the kids were loving them.


it was great weekend - sorta a belated birthday for my son from my aunt and her wife, the red house is theirs, I never want to leave when I visit.













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