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WaWa Kitty

You know what? FUCK YOU, Stay at your moms!

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i know some mothers who are the most horrible people on the planet and the fact that they have a child doesnt mean shit to them.

there is a girl at my school, one year younger than me who's got a child now. i think it was just something she wanted sho she'd get attention... and then she'll just tell her mom to take care of the hard parts

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Maybe Jon is really Jonny and he masterminded this whole WaWa thing and is suckering us. Damn! I'd be impressed with that. It would elevate my admiration of Radiohead to hero worship.




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Well' date=' Jeffrey,

I got on here, because I called MY cell phone to tell you faces of death would be on tonight at 9.

Then My cellphone wouldnt pick up, so I knew you was ONLINE, On my new fucking laptop, using the damn phone to get online.


So I get online to send you a message here to call me, and I see all this shit about "Get an erection" And How you are gona love all over this Natalie girl.


Let me be the first motherfucker (literally) that you have ever met to show you a difference between a gay man, and a gay boy.


Fuck you, Im done with you. I hope she can pay your bills, and I hope she can house you and cloth you.


I will be DAMNED If some fag will use MY computers, to DISRESPECT ME, By talking love bird shit behind my back. Ill be moving to Hell by myself.


Your ex-lover, Pablo.[/quote']






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