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post your music/art pages here.


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the movie :


¨american wizards will live forever. that is why ¨US ... and the rest of the world¨. american wizards are like that : UNKLE - Never Never Land¨ (album).



1. Back And Forth

2. Eye For An Eye

3. In A State

4. Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out My Face)

5. I Need Something Stronger

6. What Are You To Me?

7. Panic Attack

8. Invasion

9. Reign

10. Glow

11. Inside

12. Awake The Unkind




Romania will be like that: ¨Global Underground: Romania [Vinyl] by James Lavelle¨... or ¨Romania #026¨...



some romanian wizards are saing that i am romania...


Romania will be ¨In a State¨ in 026 ... or 2026... that´s the year for romania: 2026. that´s is when i will become a wizard...


a long time for me, sadly... :(


for romania : 2006, 2016, 2026... 6 6 6 ... - Lamborghini Diablo... - the 90´s ...were a good time for everyone... i think...


3 - because 3 is the number of germany - adidas... - and i like De...



2006 - was the year of the anouncement for romania from EU that rom will be in EU in 2007. 

2006 - a very good year for me and for romania.



here it is : romania 2026

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Hey. I feel kind of bad making this my first post, but since I got interested in music by lurking this forum back in high school, I figured that people here might like this.


So I’ve been working on making some electronic music. I was mostly listening to The Books while making it, so I guess it was mostly influenced by them.


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