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Post here and I shall write an elegant paragraph on my true feelings towards you

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As has been remarked many times before in the hallowed threads of MT-dom, true right-wing capitalists are few and far between. It appears to be a popular opinion among newcomers that to like Radiohead, you have to be a tree-hugging socialist pansy. And as a tree-hugging, socialist pansy, I respect finio for never comprimising his right-wing beliefs. His arguments for the freedom of the market are powerful, though, I feel, erroneous. However, without him and the other advocates of capitalism, I would become lazy and dogmatic in my beliefs, convinced of my rightness. I am thankful for your presence here finio, not just because you are a good opponent, but because you are a good guy in general. You can be funny and serious at the same time, and you always keep the debate alive. Good on you.


Milton Finioman






lol thanks. i think that sums up my presence pretty well

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