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Glitch In Reckoner?


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Wow, can't believe I've never heard this before.


It's only in one channel (not sure if it's left or right cuz of my speakers but its the opposite one to the guitar).


It does actually sound like an audio glitch as opposed to any sort of string slide/synth thing. It sounds really loud in the mix. Really really weird.

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Yes, I have noticed this as well. It is quite evident. Could be a number of things. But it is definitely not string slide. It is far too pronounce and abrupt to be that. My thoughts are that if the percussion in the background is in fact live, it could have been something to do with that. There is a percussion instrument that makes that very sound. If it is synth percussion, it almost makes more sense that that glitch sound would come through. I think it makes the song unique. :dancingthom:

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Thom got a text message. it's the whole point of the fucking song you idiots.


After listening to the placement of this beep, the idea actually makes a tad bit of sense.




There are like 4 or 5 clicks total... they start off really quiet, then work their way up THEN back down again. All the while being after the golden ratio OR climax of the song.


oh well... whatever.

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It's just what happens when you slide your finger down a guitar string :jonny:


No it fucking isn't. I've played guitar for well over three years now and I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that that isn't unprocessed guitar. I can get noises like that via digitech whammy and a natural harmonic (which sounds like something Ed or Jonny would do and have Thom go "again, it sound like a glitch, I like glitches").


I'd have to listen closer but I'm pretty sure it's intentional, and is probably on an even interval...

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