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i have a new ep i hope ya like mah musics!

hasbro bunnies

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man and it still lives on!


Just in case it gets tired......




Its my 8 track EP called:


James Grady's; "Half Arsed Attempt at an EP."






Track 1: "Night is Over"


This is a song about when I was working on the bar at kilsby lane. Its akustiky 'n' mellow. I wrote + recorded it on my B-Day!!


Track 2: "Skin and Bone"


This is a song I now do with the band but this is my original version before I showed it to Red Kyte.... its pretty old BTW.


Track 3: "Space"


No lyrics, its all spooky FX and guitar. For me music GCSE.


Track 4: "Glances"


A song about being nervous around girls... its a proper guitar/pop song with subliminal messaging at the end :P


Track 5: "Ripples in the Rapids"


Tried to make the recording sound like beck/arcade fire and failed misserably. Still an OK tune though and I'm happy with the lyrics.


Track 6: "Jedi's + Hobbits"


Fucking huge guitar freakout - Total mess and chaos.


Track 7: "The Comuter"


100% Vocal + Beatboxing + Tonnes of Echo.

A song about being scared of becoming a worker ant and losing your emotions... bare deep blad.


Track 8: "Young and Happy"


Rock song based on a conversaton I had with Rhyz, the man is a legend, and yes, that is the spelling his mother gave him. :smoke_coo





...Well.... ahem ----> that is it, plz give it a listen if you get the chance.





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haha that last guy ... i liked his song descriptions!


thread of legends!


so wait what WAS the deal?


ethiks and hasbro bunny were same dude who was also on at ease as i sell socks but deletes every post he ever made (and myspaces? trying to erase his past?) and is he here now still and i know he's on 80s as sam had di up there RIKES me!


we need Songs for Advertisements 5!


I-IV were great!

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the closest i can figure is that he has a new moniker called Mesita which is his most popular stuff yet... and that maybe he is somehow nervous all the stuff he made in the past will haunt him somehow? which is weird!


i even read here how he is so utterly down on his own stuff and that people even make note of how down he is on it and wonder what the deal is!


that's usually the case, but he is even MORE extreme... you don't get too many cocky bastards saying THIS IS THE BEST SHIT! which can be kind of annoying too obviously but jeez in a way it IS a sort of method to lower peoples expectations and then when you do get compliments you feel better and more people are likely to compliment


i don't know!


you got me analyzing lies!

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well y'know say what you will about what downplaying yr music does, but what really annoys me is that he takes it down. fuck that y'know. yr bothering to come here and post, leave it or don't bother.

if he does have a good amount of posted music, or just some, that he hasn't taken down, and I'm not aware of it, then I sure look like a jackass and I take back most of what I'm saying here.

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i only wish i had gotten MORE of his stuff from the past he is trying to erase now!


and if only THEN the dream would be he gets big with Mesita (!) and tries to ignore his past and then gets indie hyped and i'd be one of the few that's like "look at all his old stuff!" and he'd message me saying "dude i don't want that crap out there! that's not what i'm about any more!"


and i'd say TOO LATE!


too soon!



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it's not only that, it's a lack of respect to not be around for the feedback on the music. he did hear people saying back really positive things, I'm pretty certain, but most of it's just 'here's my music, ok, now it's gone, lucky you if yuo got it, now I will leave and maybe I'll come back who knows bye'

I do feel for the guy, seems to be v depressed and that's a little heartbreaking. but that doesn't mean I can't complain and point out how frustrating it is.

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