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i have a new ep i hope ya like mah musics!

hasbro bunnies

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wow this has gotten off topic






or is hasbro just hasbro? where does EthiksCommunity become involved? was hasbro EC or HB first? oh fuck I have a strong urge to go write a song about this... I wish I could write songs...:icon_cry: is hasrbo community skitsafrinic? bipolar? split personalitied? is Rael really rael? and why will :ed: get off his lazy fat arse?

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Just read all 17 pages. It seems that Hasbro and Ethics are the same person. Rael is Rael. And Thomas J is Cindy. You know what, I am stil completely confused and have no idea what is going on. Felt like contributing. EPIC!

Edit: Nevermind, read the legendary thread page. Good job Hasbro!

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