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The meaning of OKC,anyone want to try it?

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Guest RaggyDoll

I allways thought The Bends was about Hospitals and or illness.


1)Planet Telex - Everything is broken/Everyone is broken


2) The Bends - My blood will thicken/I need to wash myself again/to hide all the dirt and pain/Cos I'd be scared that there's nothing underneath/Just lying in the bar with my drip feed on


3) High and Dry - All your insides fall to pieces


4) Fake Plastic Trees - He used to do surgery/On girls in the eighties


5) Bones - I don't want to be crippled and cracked/Shoulders, wrists, knees and back/Ground to dust and ash/Crawling on all fours/Now I can't climb the stairs/Pieces missing everywhere/Prozac painkillers


6) My Iron Lung - But it hurts like hell/My brain says I'm recieving pain/A lack of oxygen/From my life support/My iron lung


7) Apparently the picture on the front of the album is a resuscitation dummy

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Originally posted by fadeout@Mar 5 2005, 09:04 PM

Oh my gosh! This is the best board ever. You guys are frigging hilarious! I love all your theories on OKC too. Good points. Any one got a theory as to what the guy in the video for just is saying????(topic change, sorry)


he's saying -


my heart has just hit me in the head

its all barking up the wrong tree

with mechanical fussing and pushing and poking things about


you dont have to

in fact its bad for you

remember yourself again


lay down

youll still be ok

nothing important will break

nothing important will break


you will always have your self - everything




Is that too obvious and direct? I can't quite tell with you mostly cynical lot.

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The bends being about illness is not that bad of a theory. The Bends is a general term used (in science text books and medicine) to describe the sensation when one surfaces too quickly, decreasing the pressure that one is exposed to, causing equilibrium to shift towards the diffusion of nitrogen from the blood, causing nitrogen bubbles to form in the blood stream. This is extremely painful, and must be treated in a decompression chamber. You could, from this, make up some bs about being exposed too quickly to the world causing disgust and or sickness, but I hate over analysing things. Appreciate music for it's beauty, and, though the lyrics of Radiohead are great, one shouldn't spend too much time in analysis, looking for meaning, as you usually end up destroying that which you are looking for. The meaning is in the mystery, measuring the damn stuff changes the outcome.

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Why? For complimenting the board? All I said was that the board was great and that you guys were funny. It was my first post and it was stupid. I already apoligized for it and I realize it was stupid and noob-ish and preppy. Once again, I'm sorry. But there's no need for you to tell me to die, all I did was compliment you and ask a question about the band, which, as far as I know, was what this board was for. I'm sorry I changed the topic, and I'm sorry that what I said pissed so many of you off so greatly. Jeez.



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