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The meaning of OKC,anyone want to try it?

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Ha ha, I did love that robot line when I first read that. You gonna admit, though, it does say he saw sparks. What's funny about that line is it's the only part you could possibly conceive to have anything to do with robots (including paranoid android) and it's just so unexpected.


As for the whale all I've got is "Pull me out of the lake" from Lucky. If I were a whale I wouldn't want to be in a lake. :unsure: It'd be really small.

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Originally posted by fadeout@Mar 6 2005, 05:04 AM

Oh my gosh! This is the best board ever. You guys are frigging hilarious! I love all your theories on OKC too. Good points. Any one got a theory as to what the guy in the video for just is saying????(topic change, sorry)

oh my god, just please die.

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Why? For complimenting the board? All I said was that the board was great and that you guys were funny. It was my first post and it was stupid. I already apoligized for it and I realize it was stupid and noob-ish and preppy. Once again, I'm sorry. But there's no need for you to tell me to die, all I did was compliment you and ask a question about the band, which, as far as I know, was what this board was for. I'm sorry I changed the topic, and I'm sorry that what I said pissed so many of you off so greatly. Jeez.

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