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The meaning of OKC,anyone want to try it?

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It is very clear that OKC has a recurring theme to it. It's a very special album in every way,and that includes it's lyrics. Sometimes it's theme get a bit fuzzy,but here's my attempt at OKC's storyline.


There was an android made in a 1984 modern world. The government is cruel and watches everything the people do in this day and age,and that's why the robot was made-to destroy this government. However,the robot acts decidedly human and looks decidedly human,so it is accepted,though it is really a spy.


Airbag-The robot is driving a car,gets in a car wreck,and it's circuits are scrambled. However,it survives complete destruction because of the airbag. Because its circuits have been scrambled,it takes on a human nature,and actually believes it's human.


Paranoid Android-Even though being in a crash looked as to have a positive effect,the crash made the robot have some side-effects,thus causing the jumbled-up nature of the lyrics of this song.


Subterranean Homesick Alien-After recovering from his injuries,the robot realizes how boring this earth really is,and wishes to meet aliens and leae the planet.


Exit Music (For A Film)-The robot finds a girl,and attempts to leaves the planet with her (this might be Sarah,later mentioned in Lucky),but her Dad refuses to let her go with him (his psychosis might have something to do with that ;) ).


Let Down-He goes back to living life normally,and examines what people do when they're dissappointed,and how dissappointing the world can be.


At this point,for tracks 6,7,and 8,the focus switches to the world itself in this 1984 world and what's happening in it,


Karma Police-Whether literal or not,there appears to be a penalty for not following the status quo,and the song examines the fate of those who do not follow it,including Thom,who sings as a person part of the "police".


Fitter Happier-For those who get caught by the "karma police",they get sent to a brainwashing center to help them "get their lives together". It starts off good,but ends up a horrifying poem of boredom and erosion.


Electioneering-This song examines the process of campaigning,and how anyone will do anything to get to the top.


Now the focus switches back to the android for the rest of the album.


Climbing Up The Walls-The robot appears to be having a dream about what he was built to do before the crash:kill.


No Surprises-He wakes up,realizing he's back in his warm,but suffocating world where no one can harm him. It sounds that people are trying to get him to return to his normal programming,but he still thinks he's human.


Lucky-He finally snaps his twig,and tries to kill himself,"Pull me out of the aircrash,pull me out of the lake..." The government that he was built to take down wishes to recruit him,realizing that he's invincible,(I don't think the airbag saved him at all) but he chooses not to go. However,it also dawns on him that he's a robot.


The Tourist-After trying to kill himself,he leaves the girl,and the planet. A dog also finds out he's a robot. Where he ends up,I'm not sure,but I think an OK Computer 2 would be appropriate.


I came up with this from a user on Epinions.com,but put my own spin on it. His name is divad23.


I hope you enjoyed my probably inaccurate interpretation!


If you have any of them of your own to post,put them here.

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thom himself said it wasn't a concept album. it is just a couple of songs bunched together in a good way. the reason the songs eem connected is that it's the same guy who's written the lyrics around the same time. of course he has certain thought in his head. it reflects thom yorkes state of mind when making the album

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no i believe ok computer follows the plot line of 1984 i cou7ld go into detail but im too lazy in short: airbag is the awakening,paranoid android is not knowing how to deal wiht his new realization,subterranean homesick alien is him becoming depressed and obsessive with leaving the place he can not,exit music for a film is him plotting and fantasizing about lieaving witha companion "julia" let down is his trip to the golden country during his affair with julia and hes happy, karma police is them getting caught and separated, fitter happier is the reprogramming, electioneering is the explanation of the system,climbing up the walls is him going crazy in the prison"the place of no darkness"no surprises is him wishing for death and realizing he cant fight the system,lucky is him hope returning thinking that in some way hell beat the party (he has last minute thoughts of small rebellion mere instants befroe his death which doesnt come by the hands of the party like he expected), the tourist is after hes reprogrammed the dog barking symbolizes that hes not waht he appears to be hes actually sane but has been made insane and he doesnt realize itand finally his death.


If you havgent read the book you wont get this so go read it!

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