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Radiohead Food Song Titles

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Pop, It's Bread!

Morning at Taco Bell!

Knives and Forks Out!

Chicken Bones!

Beet Spirit!

Talk Show Roast!

House of Gourds!


Pull/Pork Revolving Hors D'oeuvres!

Sit Down. Eat Up.!

We Suck Young Blood and Kidney Pies!

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My Iron Mung Bean

Bangers n Mash LOL

(It is of note that I can repeat this joke with Molasses, Packt, Vegetable and maybe even Coke Babies) :ed:

Sail to the Moon Pie

Pear Pear

Everything in its Right Plaice

Hash Brown is the New Up

How Do You Boil An Egg?

Yes I Spam



I can definitely say this is the best game Ive played in the last 5 minutes.

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