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i have the beginning of "no surprises" for my ringtone. like others have said, i don't want to answer the phone when i hear it. in fact, i was once in a store and heard it, and thought "oh, they're playing radiohead in this store." then i realized it was my phone.


you can make a clip of a song right in itunes, then send it via bluetooth to your phone.

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i use premade ringtones' date=' or make my own. I have the solo from Paranoid Android currently, and its free, except for txt message fee[/quote']

seems a bit difficult to use. I tried the 'creap' one because it wasn't copyrighted but when i oened it, it said it wasn't in the right format or something like that.

Then when i want to get one that is copyrighted, it asks me to make my own??

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