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The Ultimate Radiohead Picture Thread

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So... theoretically they just have these autographs lying around there? Or did you just get extremely lucky? Either way, I am jealous!


Sorry... ! Here it is !

That's a gift, because I get there...



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hey bloodywill i went there this summer too. who did u speak with, may i ask? because when i went their manager was there and he wouldnt let me take pics of any of that stuff =(


I spoke with a girl working there... brown hair, around 30... Don't know her name...


The door was open, I just came in, get upstrairs and asked if I can visit studio... She answer I can't because a band was recording. I was so desapointing, so, I started talking to her : do you work here ? Do you met them ? This kind of stuff, just to stay there a bit longer ! Then I saw the round window in the next room... I said : "woauw, here I am !!..". She laughted and said : "OK... You can come in this room !..." I was so amazed, as you can imagine... And then she said : "I can take a picture of you with the Ok Computer award... If you want..."...We talked and talked... She offered me a cup of the... I took the rest of pics during this time. She get back with cups and autographs... Finaly I stay 2 hours in the room...


I'm not married, no kids... So I can say this : This day was the best day of my life !!!

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does anyone know who the lady is with the tat's on her chest and is holding up the setlist from sundays concert?



She's an AtEaser. Check out this really cute and amazing story her friend posted.


Last bit: Thom was dancing around during the after party a lot. He had a beer in one hand and was going crazy. He loves to dance. Right before we left I noticed Thom standing by himself. I encouraged my friend to ask him to dance. "You have to!" I reasoned, "this chance will never come again!" And you know what? She fucking did it. As I watched she walked up to Thom, and said, "Excuse me." He turned around looking slightly irritated, he was probably waiting for her to throw something in his face to sign or ask for a photo or listen to her demo or God knows what needless irritation. "Would you like to dance?" she asked. I couldn't believe she was asking Thom Yorke to dance. He gave her a big smile--I was about to pass out from amazement at this point--and replied, "No, but thank you!" Unbelievable. On the way out Thom gave her a smile. She claims he was smiling at both of us, but it's not true. He was probably just happy that someone--unlike myself--wasn't asking him to do anything other than have a good time cutting loose on the dance floor. I can't imagine it happens very often to a person of his stature.


And here's her take on it. Lucky girl!


after the event is officially over, i somehow score a set list from the stage. the security is "selling" set lists to fans. it made me so angry to see this kind of abuse. so i plead with the man and my friends are screaming at him that i drove from salt lake and had been in line since 7. and it works. he gives me the set list. i think i may be the only one who did not pay. evil security.


and after the show, jason and i and some friends sneak into the after party. we spot ed first and go over to meet him. he is a giant. he is so nice. we see phil next. he is also very nice. we ask him how the new album is coming along... he says it's coming along very slowing, but it will be good. then we spot thom. thom is intimidating to approach. but we do. it is something very rushed and i just say something about how i enjoyed the show. then we see jonny and he's making a mad dash through the party for a quick exit. he stops for a minute for us and a few others, we shake hands and tell him we enjoyed the show. he is so nice too. he leaves the party. and last we find colin, we meet him and chat about the album for a couple of minutes. he says it is going to take a long time to complete, but will be worth the wait. i am so excited about this album. somehow it escapes my mind until talking to each one of them that they have these adorable british accents. stunning.


the rest of the party is just a fun time. nigel spinning music and everyone is dancing. everyone. at one point i find myself in a circle of 5 people, two of which are thom and flea. we are all dancing. it was pretty unbelievable.


at some point later in the night, my friend jason keeps pestering me to ask thom yorke to dance. i oblige him and i walk over to thom. thom obviously thinks i am going to ask him something annoying like sign this, take a picture, blah blah blah. i said thom, would you like to dance? he looks at me for a second like he does not know how to react. then he smiles really big and says no, but thank you. it was a really fun moment.


so we hang out at the party for a little longer and decide it is finally time to leave. thom gives us a smile as we walk by. then comes the long drive to vegas and some much needed sleep.

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