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The Ultimate Radiohead Picture Thread

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Thank you again - I'll give it a try!


Okay then luvvie, i was a wee bit stumped when i first switched too.


To right click hold down ctrl(like qwerrie said) and click your mighty mouse your options appear,mostly i just copy the image address from qwerrie's site and paste them into the insert image tab here when you post (you know,the one where the http;// thingy appears-it looks like a mountain with a sun above it -once it's clicked it says please enter the url of your image.obviously delete that http thingy then paste in your own image address (using the edit option at the toolbar top left of your big sexy Mac screen) from qwerries site or flickr or photobucket etc.


Oh looky here.



Ali PM Me if that wasn't clear i'll try harder. :-)

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it's a pleasure to help... uiii... my fav thom... i love blonde thom, red thom, black thom, kida/amnesiac thom, httt thom, pre-eraser thom, eraser-thom, inrainbows-thom... love them all (with extension thom as the only exception!)

though, i have a file of thom-pics named "best". here are only a five of them...

Paranoid Apple - I dont like extension Thom either!!

You're clearly a beard fan - like me! I love all of those shots, in particular:









Its something to do with the way he looks at the camera.

Three of my favourites:



I love that unselfconsciousness





What is he thinking? as well as the pinstripe jacket thing..



I dont know what it is about this one.

He just seems to look perfect.

Oh god, will be getting told off again by the Ed fans. Must stop - as I could go on and on like this about loads of pictures.

Must be the date, or something.


(Thanks, p.apple. I enjoyed that!)


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Radioheadcase, that Thom one you just posted... that's so cute! Ahhhh so many lovely pictures today! And for the Ed fans... Ed is looking quite well if I do say so myself.


I agree with you, paranoid apple, about the extensions... though I have seen a few pictures of Thom from then that were pretty cute. My sister and I think he looks like an anime character like that (she's an artist so that was her first thought). Who knows, maybe he will pop up in a comic someday, immortalized with the long bleach-blonde hair and funky necklaces. ;)

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( copyright is still holded by its respectfull proprietor, but the persistent watermarks are removed for your pleasure! )



hahah Thom looks like a little boy sulking

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I dunno, Maggie. I'm not gonna report you to a mod or anything, but that just seems plain not nice, you know?


I agree, it should have carried a more detailed warning you know like an amber alert or something.

I thought this was a friendly sort of place..............but now i dunno......

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these are from the photo session for the observer magazine




a bit different, I think. 2 pics from that 2008, January 1 session were used in the March issue of the Observer (one made it onto the cover, as well) but its actually wasnt a session for the Observer. it was a studio thing for itself, it seems to me.


Modified bear,

what the f. . you are talking about ... or not talking about to mods??



Radioheadcase, you're a star! Thanks so much - because of you, I can post this other beauty




great, it was a while i havent seen it posted... anywhere!

it so cool.... btw its by Danny CLinch, again . . .

unfortunately i never seen them published or sold as promos,

so we have only these little teasers i've scanned from the Answerphone.

I just wait -- maybe one day another new special feature will solve that out, haha

thanks, Ali!

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