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It makes sense, the team order, for various reasons. Preserve the car and the points, preserve the engine and gearbox- don't forget teams have a limited number of these to use throughout a season (8 engines, 1 gearbox every 5 races). Plus tyre wear- new tyres which are obvs dung so take no chances in the last 10 laps.


Teams care F all about drivers champo that ain't where the money is. As nico said, he's an employee of the team..

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Exploding left rear tyres a go go today at Silverstone. No driver was hurt, but it was pretty hairy as Kimi and Alonso could have both

got smacked in the face by a tyre tread (with steel belt attached) if they'd been in a different position. Great instinct from Alonso to avoid crashing into

the back of the car whose tyre exploded. 4 tyres exploded on different cars (plus one on Saturday I think in FP3). Rosberg was saved from his tyre exploding by

the safety car and being able to pit before the tyre went KABOOM. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/23118249


Vettel ended up with a box full of neutrals and pulled out of the race, Alonso got into third place which means he's 21 points behind now (however Ferrari have to up their game massively). Good recovery drive from Lewis, if not

for the tyre exploding on him he'd have probably won the race.

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It was very much shades of indy. However the tyres appear to be fixed now (Kevlar belts rather than steel, similar construction to 2012 tyres).

They'll get tested at Spa and Monza, if they survive those races I doubt we'll see any more tyres exploding.

Mercedes look like they've sorted their tyre wear issues out, if so and they maintain their single lap pace in qualifying, then it's possible

Lewis could mount a title challenge. Lewis is starting to find his feet at the team. Which is bad news for Vettel. All the championship needs now is

for Lotus to find more pace and for Ferrari to get back on track and Vettel will be under immense pressure in the last part of the season.

Button made him crack that year in Canada in the wet, so I expect Kimi, Alonso and Lewis can do the same if the circumstances allow.

I still think Vettel has probably done enough to win the title but it might be a close run thing again.


Red Bull 2014 wise - It's a coin toss between Kimi and Ricciardo. Though Alonso's manager was seen talking to

Horner (though probably aimed at sticking a rocket up Ferrari's backside). The Sillest of silly season rumours so far ?

Ferrari being interested in resigning Kimi, which they've denied in recent days.


As things stand F1 is operating without a concorde agreement. CVC want to float F1 on the stock market, however with

Bernie's facing bribery charges in Germany and no deal in place with the teams it's not going to happen anytime soon.

The thinking is that if Bernie is found guilty of bribery then there is a chance that the FIA could take back the commercial rights

to F1. Hence why there's only been an agreement to agree about agreeing a new deal.

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ricciardo to RB for next year


i wonder where kimi will be.... surely not ferrari?!

I'm glad to see Ricciardo get his shot with a big team. I think he is very deserving of the chance and I think he will go on to do nice things with RBR. I'm bummed for Kimi, but I was beginning to wonder why they would even bother having a junior team if they had no plans on promoting any of the drivers. I'd like to see Antonio Felix da Costa take the vacant seat at Toro Rosso.


I think Kimi will stay put at Lotus. I just don't see him going back to Ferarri after the way their prior relationship concluded. I guess things are chummy now, but no-one wants to see Kimi play second fiddle to Alonso. Lotus need to acquire some big money sponsors to help with development and pay Raikkonen's salary. I think that will help Lotus keep up with the big teams and give Kimi the technical reassurance he wants from the team. Hopefully the new technical regulations level the field a bit too. 

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Looks like the Mexican Grand Prix will return to the calender next year and that Herman Tilke will be in charge of "modernizing" the track. There are already doubts about New Jersey and Sochi being ready in time and now they're adding another. 

Is there not another architect in the world?!?!?!?!

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The Constructors championship is all Ferrari cares about at the end of the day, it's where the money and prestige is, the drivers title is not

as important to them, other than having one of it's cars with #1 on it.


I guess the big question mark is will Alonso chuck his toys out of the pram in a similar fashion to his McLaren days or

will Kimi push him to get back to the level of form he had when he won his first 2 titles. If Alonso can reach that sort of form and

Ferrari provide him with a decent car then I think Vettel would be hard pressed to beat him. Otherwise I can see Alonso going on gardening leave.

Anyway the rumours about the engines are interesting, Renault is ok, Merc is a monster in terms of raw horsepower, Ferrari's might be a

dogs dinner. We shall know more in January when the first engine tests take place. Could be a topsy turvy season, though it should be

noted that Newey and Brawn love it when the rules change.

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scuse me kimi is best driver he will win.


no but the big q is as tap said... will kimi push alonso or will alonso cry. ferrari cars look a lot stronger this season, they ARE competing with RBR at most races, and not bad at qualifying. but THATS the deal. you need a car and a driver thats a better qualifier than vettel, and by the looks of it, hamilton

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As long as Kimi keeps his focus on the racing and ignores everything else, he's very hard to beat.

The trouble with Alonso is he gets distracted by not having everything his own way. If he can get to the sort

of form he had in his championship winning seasons (pushed by the challenge of Kimi and not the desire to destroy Schumacher) and Ferrari produce a better car than Red Bull, then you'll

see Vettel getting beaten by Alonso and Kimi. If it works we could see some epic battles at Ferrari. Or we'll see

Alonso put on gardening leave and the arrival of Vettel at Ferrari (Vettel has only signed a one year extension to his

Red Bull contract).


I don't dislike Vettel, I just think he's been extremely lucky to have had the best car and all the luck in the past

3 seasons (Alonso would have won at least one drivers title if not for Ferrari's mistakes).
Lewis is probably the fastest driver on the track and takes more risks when he needs to make

over takes. That might prove useful next season if there isn't a lot to choose between the top teams.

Put simply If Lewis or Alonso and Kimi get a better car than Vettel. We'll probably see Vettel crack as he did when

Button put him under pressure in the Canadian grand prix the other season. That's the real test for Vettel

coping with the pressure of Alonso, Lewis and Kimi breathing down his neck in competitive cars. If he can't lead a race from start to

finish we tend to see a very scrappy and annoyed Vettel. I laughed when he complained about the Mercedes cars being

too slow for him on the parade lap of one grand prix from this season.

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yep... theyve been steadily improving over the past few years so i hope this year they can compete more with mercedes/ferrari. i'd say that's probably why they've gone for those choices, without having the fastest tyres available they probably wouldn't be competing.


really interested in seeing how verstappen's 2nd season goes

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