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what about that one i made in like august about whether or not i should do it with that girl' date=' where everyone yelled at me for like two weeks straight, and for a while i was gone and people continued to yell at me, and it was hilarious, and this sentence has been a run-on for a while


ah found it http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored/showthread.php?t=39717


the ending is especially hilarious


god i was bored last summer[/quote']


haha, thats brilliant, Finio you twat:risa: mooks and sweet jesus rinsed you

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i remember reading that ages ago... never realised at that point Cindy and Penny weren't mods. Was the board wild in those days?


oh my friend. was the board wild? it was. and it was a glorious time.


the trolls were out in abundance, and n00blings trembled.


golden times.

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