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Scott Peterson

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Originally posted by OrbityP@Dec 14 2004, 10:08 PM

Abolish the death penalty.


Life imprisonment is a far, far, worse sentence.


Why do you think that so many prisoners kill themselves?


Our (US) justice system is flawed; far too many innocents are convicted and sent to death row. Some of them are lucky and are exonerated. But there are still innocent people on death row, most of whom were convicted under circumstancial evidence. The justice system is heavily biased against people with dark skin and the lower class. Until we make the justice system equitable, there can be no argument for a death penalty.


The state MUST NEVER have innocent blood on its hands.


Oh, and to address an earlier thought: usually the death penalty costs more than life imprisonment because of the numerous appeals that the defendant makes. Plus, it's not like death row inmates are put to death right away. Most death row inmates are in prison for a decade or more, in part due to these numerous appeals. The court costs of the appeals outweigh the additional 30 or so years that these people would spend in prison.



anyone who disagrees is an idiot

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