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Why do you like Radiohead?

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why do you like Radiohead

why do you like Radiohead

why do you


be still for a sec


radiohead are inside you

what is that to you?

a paragraph, a few sentences

wrap it all up and type it out

why is stupid, but try


if your ego wants to type, don't type

try again tmrw


and remember, no one cares but you

but, your passion is why this place exists

so go on


type up your why

your words


why do you like radiohead?

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Their music gives me feelings like no other music can. It sounds absolutely amazing to my mind, and I love the lyrics, singing, melodies, etc. When I first started listening it was as though the music made me see some type of past memories that I couldn't quite place, and also made me more aware of the current state of the world. Wait, was this supposed to be serious? Oh well, there is my still-half-asleep reply. To simply and honestly state it: The sound of their music makes me feel wonderful.

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I think Marissa pretty much summed it up.


Just amazing, amazing music basically, to the point where it goes beyond the mere listening experience and you find yourself wanting to travel inside the heads of the boys themselves when they created it, wishing to know the thoughts, processes and emotions that drove them to create such beauty.

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Yeah marissa sums a lot of what Radiohead do to me...


But the most amazing thing, is that their sound has so many layers that you could listen to most songs a thousand time and appreciate it for a thousand different reasons...


I keep hearing new stuff in PA which is the first song that made me realize what music was really about... So basically, RH is my first love in music and I'll love it forever...

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For me it's because they've tried to hold onto there integrity in a business where it seems increasingly difficult to do so. A lot of bands have a hit album then whore the same sound around ad nauseum. Rh decided to do what they wanted even if it was potentially risky and gained a lot of respect through that. I remember the first few times I heard Kid A/Amnesiac and really thinking this is shit and the reviews are all just the "emperors new clothes." Then a couple of years ago I REALLY listened to them and realised how wrong I was and how clever/talented rh are.

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