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The Darkness Playing Street Spirit!?!

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i don't think it's that bad at least it's inventive. the radio 1 version they did was actually pretty decent
I kind of agree. It's nothing great, but not nearly as bad as I've heard it made out to be. No he's not a good singer, you just have to hear I Believe in a Thing Called Love to figure that out, but at least the guitar playing is an original take on the song.
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*Notes Led Zeppelin icon next to name*


Ah. I see.


don't be such a judgemental twat.


i don't even like the darkness i just don't think it's as bad as it's being made out


anyway your post is retarded if you had worked out that i was a zeppelin fan then i would say it's more likely that i would hate them for being somewhat a copy of them

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