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Moon Feta albums.

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i've been working on these:




Moon Feta - Self titled LP


on Sendspace



1. Transmission.

2. My squeezebox, the accordian.

3. Mesopotamia.

4. Anaxomia.

5. Spirit lanterns.

6. Hachirogata.

7. Requiem for deceased cars.

8. A ghost of a ghost.

9. Black holes in the botanic garden.






Moon Feta - Elephantine EP





1. Elephantine.

2. Midlands.

3. Mother of pearl cloud.

4. Construe.

5. The other.

6. Singing saw.

7. I see the day break.






Moon Feta - The Idiot King EP




1. Hon tide gi kt i.

2. Hidien tgo tki.

3. Nigt thio dgei.

4. Ikot in id ghet.

5. Trace the line the sun leaves across the sky.



it's all my own work. recording, and artwork, and all of the instruments. feel free to download them and see what you think. i'd really value people's opinions on here. i suspect Holle might appreciate these...


edit: probably best if you're willing to put weird stuff through your ears.



the link expires in seven days...

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i haven't listened to any of them and i don't know if i will


but i will comment on the cover art because that's pretty easy


some kind of little wizard guy' date=' i think he's hungry




an x-ray or MRI or something... maybe an ultrasound[/quote']


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i've listened to idiot king and now i'm on elephantine. damn, boy........you need to be on a label.....you've got to send your music into some. i really mean it. really. your stuff is totally going to be part of my regular music listening. and i am so impressed with what you have done....especially at your age. i can't wait to see you take off. right now i'm listening to the other...i love it. i wish my music sounded like yours. i think it can be an influence of mine. i should list you as such at my music myspace. :)


sorry about my gushing.


do you listen to pan sonic? i would really like to send some tv pow your way. they aren't too big....but i know they have toured the uk in the past...so there might be some of their stuff about.

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