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"Thom is beatboxing with Shaker. Jonny has drum set next Thom moves to piano while Jonny is on the drums."


not sure what any of that means


*awaits boot*


EDIT: high quality boot (thanks to Stay Beautiful, thanks to atease)




edit edit:


video: http://home.cogeco.ca/~chasco/down%20is%20the%20new%20up.wmv (thanks to colin and atease, i'm sure)

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oh yeah, well from your posts in S&R she's obviously a bit of a twit. she had her chance on your love machine and, well, she missed it. her loss. masturbate with one fist in the air my friend, because you are finally free!

man, this girl drives me crazy in a good way when i'm in person though. i think i'll wait til the next time i see her

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