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Harrowdown Hill is 100% pure genius

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"...We Just Can't Do Anything About It."


yea man i know how you feel! that song is perfect to me. so many people are saying "oh the album sux" "its not what i thought or wanted it to be", but to me its great and songs like Harrowdown Hill justify that!


i cant wait for the cd to come out, so i'll always have a personal solo album from the legend Thom Yorke himself in my collection.


his voice is unmatched! RH have fucked me up musically because no other band is good enough compared to them, and no other singer is good enough compared to Thom.

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It's a good, catchy song. It has the strongest lines next to "Black Swan", which to me is the best song on the album lyrically. I like the very direct and clear lyrical style exhibited by Thom on this album. It's a nice change; I haven't really heard him like this since around The Bends. I think we'll see more of it on the new Radiohead album, although I expect things to be a little more complex and ambiguously poetic.

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